On the day of the test before you arrive

  1. Do not drink alcohol, coffee, or other beverages containing caffeine.
  2. Do not take naps.
  3. Try to maintain your usual daytime schedule unless otherwise instructed.
  4. Please shampoo you hair as this improves the quality of the sleep recording. Please shave if you are a male that does not wear a beard. Do not use heavy makeup, hair spray, hair oils, or styling gels.

What to bring with you

  1. Toiletries
  2. 2 piece pajamas
  3. Bring any prescription medications that you usually take. You will need to be able to administer your medications yourself. If you are insulin dependent and cannot give yourself injections please make arrangements for someone to accompany you.
  4. Reading materials if desired. Television with DVD is available in the sleep rooms.

General Information

  1. Sleep tests are outpatient procedures. Nursing service and medications are not provided
  2. Smoking policy: By order of the Fire Marshal, NO SMOKING is permitted in the Sleep Disorders Center.
  3. Accommodations:Parents of young children: For young children one parent will be required to stay overnight with the child. However, if a parent snores or otherwise affects the child’s sleep pattern, he or she will be asked to stay in the waiting area.

What to expect when you arrive

You should arrive at 8:00 pm. Please wait in the lobby for the sleep technologist. You will be taken to Suite 505 where you will be weighed and your paperwork will be processed. You will then be taken to your private sleep room (a scaled down hotel room). Small sensors (electrodes) will be applied to your scalp, face, and body with tape and adhesive substance. These sensors will remain in place throughout the recording. The sensors are painless and do not penetrate the skin. During the monitoring, an intercom is available to summon a technologist if you need assistance or if you need to use the bathroom.

Please call the Sleep Disorders Center (772) 398-7812 if you have further questions. If after hours on the night of the test and you need to speak with Technologist call (772)-398-7838.